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You should carefully consider to which computer to install the Terra License Server. The network licenses that you get from Terrasolid will only work on that specific computer. You should therefore install Terra License Server on a computer which you plan to use for a long time.

After the installation, you must configure the Terra License Server/Manager.

To install Terra License Server or Terra License Manager:

1.Start setup.exe in the installation package with administrator permissions.

This opens the Terra Setup dialog:


2.Select Terra License Manager, Terra License Server and/or Terra License Service to install.

Terra License Server and optionally the Service must be installed on the computer that acts as license server for Terrasolid licenses. The installation of the Service is optional but highly recommended.

Terra License Manager must be installed on any computer on which you want to run the licensed Terrasolid applications, such as TerraScan, TerraMatch, TerraPhoto, TerraModeler, etc..

One computer can act as license server and run the Terrasolid applications at the same time.

3.Enter the location where to install the software. The default path is C:\TERRA or C:\TERRA64. You can set this to another location if you prefer.  The specified directory will be automatically created if it does not exist. The same installation folder must be used for all Terrasolid applications.

4.Click OK.

When the installation is finished, a message is displayed.

The Terra License Server and Service executables are located in C:\TERRA64\POOL0XX where XX stands for the current version number.

The Terra License Manager executable is located in C:\TERRA64\LICENSE.

Server information must be sent to Terrasolid when a new computer is taken into use as license server for Terrasolid applications. This may be the case if you become a new customer of Terrasolid or if you need to move your licenses from one to another server computer. Please note that Terrasolid does not accept frequent moves of licenses.