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2020-08-19 020.010 Fix in saving frames in Create Flythru Movie.
2020-08-18 020.009 Support for Netherlands RD NAP 2018 projection system and correction grids (which come with setup package).

Fix in Preview button in Create Flythru Movie.
2020-06-29 020.008 Support for Riegl POQ format 1.0.

Ability to favor forward or backward portion of panoramic images in extracting color for points.
2020-06-12 020.007 Resizable main window.
2020-05-04 020.005 Trajectory / Set accuracy menu commands can now enforce given minimum accuracy estimates for trajectory positions. For example, you can enforce that all trajectory positions have a xy accuracy estimate of at least 0.011m.

Photo Settings has new category Trajectory accuracies. This lets you specify minimum accuracies to apply when importing trajectories.
2020-04-14 020.004 Expand setting in Search seamlines. This lets you choose which image to expand when searching least cost seamlines between two images.

Application now allows max 80 cameras in a mission (used to be max 35).

Support for BigTIFF file format with LZW compression.

Faster display speed in Define color points.
2020-02-25 020.003 Support for PNG+PGW as raster references.

Fix in using PNG format as raw image format in TerraPhoto mission.

Fix in Render View tool and view toolbox at top of view window.
2020-02-06 020.001 Improvements in texturing walls using panoramic images.
2020-01-29 019.011 Bug fix in Convert references when using the command to transform raster references from one projection system to another.
2020-01-14 019.010 Transform positions menu command has Add lever arm option.

Bug fix in exporting exterior orientation files for mobile cameras.
2019-09-16 019.009 Update 019.009.
2019-09-16 019.008 Update 019.008.
2019-04-07 019.007 Default altitude added to mission camera definitions. Software can apply projection scale correction to airborne images also without ground model.
2019-03-18 019.006 Import feature points works faster than in older versions when not using depth maps.
2019-02-04 019.004 Faster feature point computation for large images.
2019-02-08 019.003 Fix in Convert references for creating three channels rasters from TIFF references with more than three channels.
2019-02-04 019.002 First 019 release.
2019-01-14 018.099 Last version 018 update. This version works with 018, 019 or later licenses.
2018-12-03 018.010 Fix in using image tie points in Find Tie Line Fluctuations.
2018-10-24 018.009 Compute feature points menu command for computing feature point files for raw images.

Import feature points menu command in tie points for reading feature points in and turning those into tie points.

Fix ground or air menu command replaces Fix ground to air in tie points. New command can convert ground points to air points or vice versa.
2018-09-05 018.008 Support for PNG file format as raw images.
2018-07-06 018.007 Bug fix in using tiled TIFF raw images.
2018-06-21 018.006 Utility / Convert references menu command in Manage Raster References now supports more than three channels.
2018-04-27 018.004 Reading user defined exterior orientation file format now supports longer image file names.
2018-03-28 018.003 Fix in reading 16 bit TIFF images with Motorola byte order.
2018-02-08 018.002 Support for TerraScan Draw Plane Section tool and Create image view option.

Retile images can produce rasters with more than 3 channels.
2018-01-29 018.001 New license key.
2018-01-01 017.014 Fix in reading certain variations of 16 bit TIFF files.

BigTIFF file format support. Routine automatically writes BigTIFF file format if TIFF file would exceed 4GB in size.
2017-12-15 017.013 Import City Model tool for importing building vector models from Locus.
2017-11-29 017.012 Detail curve menu command in tie points for adjusting brightness of detail entry views in ortho mode.
2017-11-23 017.011 Faster speed in some tie point operations with large data sets.
2017-11-11 017.010 Support for TerraScan version 017.030 color extraction.

Faster tie point detail view display speed with large ground models.
2017-09-05 017.009 Output report gives better xyz shift recommendation as part of known point comparison. Report also includes xyz shift recommendations for each group of images if images have different group numbers.

Ability to read Orima tie point files.
2017-08-15 017.008 Fixes in reading LZW or JPEG compressed TIFF.
2017-06-26 017.007 Compatibility with MicroStation Connect Edition update 5.
2017-06-05 017.006 Support for TopoDOT image list file format.
2017-04-15 017.005 Support for TIFF files with embedded JPEG compression.
2017-03-14 017.004 Support for raw TIFF files with LZW compression.
2017-02-10 017.003 Ability to specify unit when writing out GeoTIFF in Rectify mosaic or Convert Raster Files.
2017-02-02 017.002 New license.
2016-12-19 016.015 Support for Modify Tree Cells tool in TerraScan.
2016-12-12 016.014 Edit Texture Image tool for opening a texture raster in user selected raster editing software.

Support for panoramic images.
2016-11-30 016.013 Ability to run on PowerDraft Connect Edition.
2016-11-09 016.012 Support for SBTC/SBIC trajectory format.
2016-10-28 016.011 Original projection system identifiers restored. Version 016.010 changed identifiers which caused issues with mission definitions and projection change type coordinate transformations.
2016-09-28 016.010 Support for OSTN15.
2016-09-08 016.009 At one seamline option in searching least cost seamlines.

Faster least cost seamline search.
2016-05-09 016.007 Fix in manual entry of license information into dialog.
2016-04-19 016.006 Support for Camera option in TerraScan tool Synchronize Views.
2016-03-14 016.005 Angle down option in setting targets in Create Flythru Movie tool.

Fix in reading and writing LAS and LAZ files.
2016-03-03 016.004 Bug fix in search seamlines. Bug could cause a crash.

Fix in Paint Selection tool when view icons are at top or left side of view window.
2016-02-26 016.003 Tile for each shape option in Place Tile Array. This creates an orthonormal tile at even pixel boundary for each selected shape.
2016-02-17 016.002 Utility / Blur selected polygons menu command for increasing pixel size of raw images inside selected 3D polygons. Use this to blur images seeing classified areas such as military buildings.

LAS 1.4 support.
2015-12-18 015.017 Fix in rotation of airborne raw image display with Display mode menu command.
2015-12-01 015.016 Fixes in color point collection in point cloud mode.
2015-11-13 015.014 Change Texture Image has Constant color row. This lets you change the wall texture to be constant color in case there is no image which sees the wall properly.

Fix in ECW output.
2015-11-10 015.013 Fixes.
2015-11-02 015.012 Rectify center setting added to Define Camera. This is useful for aiborne oblique cameras and allows you to specify what position within the image is regarded as best possible for orthorectification.
2015-10-26 015.011 Fixes.
2015-10-13 015.010 Bug fixes.
2015-10-08 015.009 First 64 bit beta.


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