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TerraSurvey 64-bit Release Notes




2020-02-06 020.002 Fixed Tool Settings Bug
2020-01-30 020.001 Info field compatibility fix with dgn fiels created with 32-bit TerraSurvey
Improved support for levels used from within the library
2019-12-13 019.003 Automatic conversion for 32-bit .inf -files.

Just copy the old .inf -files to the 64-bit installation folder (eg. terra64/tsurvey). You should copy all of the .inf files, since they do cross referencing.

Automatic import of srvfiles32.dat -file.

This feature works if a 32-bit srvfiles.dat -file is renamed and copied into 64-bit installation folder AND there is yet no srvfiles.dat file in the same folder.

Note that both conversions are only one way (from 32-bit to CE).
If you need to use both versions, use 32-bit as a master.
2019-03-26 019.001 Bug fix in List Elements (long level names)
2019-02-15 018.099 Noteline bug fixed
Support for stereo mode mapping / editing
Parent cells option in in list elements
2018-03-01 018.001 Version 18 licensing

Accusnap support for tools / add point
2017-12-08 017.005 Improved named level editing and fixed bugs resulting from dgn file change

Fixed compute len -tool bug

Compatibility update related to new CE updates

Improved fence operation

Info field visibility option in point editing dialog
2017-03-15 017.001 Fixed problem with compute string length (64-bit -related issue)
2016-05-19 016.003 Fixed add new feature bug
2016-02-23 016.002 First CE beta release of TerraSurvey for evaluation. Same level of functionality than the current V8i -version, but at beta status. Please report any problems via osTicket support system at


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