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2020-02-20 020.001 Yearly maintenance version.
2019-03-26 019.001 Elements of Parent Cell option added for List Elements tool. Requires 2nd rule for further filtering the elements inside the parent cell. This feature can be used to list out building roofs, for instance.
2019-02-19 018.099 Noteline bug fix
2018-03-01 018.001 Version 18 licensing

Accusnap support for tools / add point
2017-12-08 017.005 Improved compatibility with dgn files edited with TerraSurvey CE
Info field visibility option in point editing dialog
2017-03-15 017.001 New v17 license version
2016-05-19 016.003 Fixed add new feature bug
2016-02-23 016.002 Fixed list elements coloring comparison bug with RGB colors

List elements and define features list now show real level names and RGB-colors

Contour options and hide text now allow using full level names
2015-09-20 015.002 Added 2D distance option for point comparison report
2015-02-16 015.001 Modified licensing module so that this release is also compatible with version 16 licenses
2014-12-19 014.005 Added reverse color definition to RGB mode

Removed pre-filtering from restore feature command

Added named levels and RGB colors to list elements tool
2014-04-11 014.002 Added some missing text for Finnish language version
2014-03-24 014.001 Installation bug with v8 version fixed

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