Training Courses in Espoo

Terrasolid offers training courses in our premises in Leppävaara, Espoo. You have to register for a course in order to participate.

There's room for six participants in hand-on training courses. You do not need a computer of your own for participating in the training. Please register for a course by using the link below the schedule. The registration is possible until the date of the deadline or until a course is full. If a course is full, the number of available seats is set to 0 in the schedule below and the deadline is set to "full". If there are less than 2 registrations for a course, we reserve the right to cancel the training.

Please note that the courses are NOT online courses/webinars. The courses are given in the language that is indicated by the course title and description (English or Finnish). If there are only registrations from Finland for a course planned in English language, we might be able to provide the course in Finnish. This depends on the availablility of trainers. On request, we can also translate courses from English into Spanish or German.

Experience levels for attending courses: *) Courses marked with one star do not require any knowledge of Terrasolid software. Any experience with the MicroStation interface and basic tools are of advantage but not a requirement. **) Courses marked with two stars require some experience with Terrasolid software and MicroStation in order to follow the training. ***) Courses marked with three stars are for experienced users.
Any special recommendations related to the target user group of courses are provided in the course descriptions. Click on the training topic in order to display these descriptions. Courses marked with a green background are introduction courses that include a presentation part and a smaller hands-on training part for testing out a few things.

Course schedule: A course consists of up to 8 hours of training per day including a lunch break of about one hour (12:00 - 13:00 o'clock). The courses begin at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. If there are minor adjustments to the schedule or some additional information the training participants will be informed about these a few days before the training starts.

All courses in our premises in Espoo are free of charge. In addition to the scheduled courses, we also offer customer-tailored training in Espoo. Contact us in order to arrange a training for your specific needs, if the courses below do not fit to your schedule, or if you are interested in other training topics. Please read the conditions for customer-tailored training before contacting us.


Training Topic and Experience Level




Basic training using ALS data; 3 days





Basic training using MLS data; 2 days




Terrasolid reserves the right to change the training schedule and training course content without prior notice.

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For questions, please contact Terrasolid.

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