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Regular Terrasolid Training Events

Terrasolid arranges training events for customers all over the world on a regular basis. During these events, training sessions for beginners and advanced users of Terrasolid software are offered as well as information sessions about new features and on-going development in the software. Besides the training, the events are good opportunities to exchange experiences or to discuss issues with the other participants.

There is a regular European Users' Event that takes place in the beginning of February every year. The location varies between Lapland/Finland and another location in Europe every other year.

Training events in North-America are usually arranged by GeoCue, Terrasolid's distributor in North America.

A training event for Asian and Australian users is arranged anually in South-East Asia or Australia. It is usually connected with another international event (exhibition or conference). Additionally, there are extensive training events in Japan, India, and China every year.

A South-American training event is organized every year at varying locations.

The annual training event for African users is usually located in South Africa.

More information about upcoming user events can be found on the News & Events page.

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