Select licensing option matching your needs

Perpetual with maintenance, annual subscription or Academic annual subscription. For short term need monthly rental is also available.


One-time Payment + Annual Support and Update Fee
5,100€Starting from
  • Network or node-locked licensing
  • Support & Updates
  • Spatix CAD platform option included
  • Support and Updates, mandatory 1st year 15% of license price

Academic subscription

for Research & Education
765€Starting From
  • Includes up to 5 licenses per application
  • Support & updates
  • Spatix CAD platform option included
  • Billed annually

How to start your Free trial:

1. Download the software 2. Run the setup 3. Request your trial license following instructions included in the download zip file

Note! The trial is available on Spatix and Bentley Systems CAD platforms.  Spatix CAD is included in Spatix trial download.

If you want to test on Bentley Systems platform and don’t have a license already please use the Contact us form.

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